Miner nabbed with “ganja” while travelling to backdam


A 21-year-old miner is now in the lockups after being caught by the cops with “ganja” while he was travelling in a truck heading towards a backdam.

On Wednesday, Police at the Seventy(70)km Checkpoint, Essequibo, stopped a motor pickup driven by a thirty(30) year old male of Onderneeming Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast.

At that time, the vehicle had several occupants en route to Big Hope Backdam, Waini River.

A search was conducted on the persons inside the vehicle but nothing was found.

However, a search inside of the vehicle unearthed 128 grammes of cannabis leaves, seeds and stems which were discovered wrapped in a transparent plastic.

The 21-year-old occupant of the said vehicle, a miner from Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD) took ownership of the parcel.

He was then told of the offence and arrested, whereafter the suspected narcotics was weighed and sealed in his presence.

According to the cops, the miner remains in custody and is to be processed for Court soon.


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