Miner stabbed to death after beating fellow miner with pickaxe handle


A 25-year-old man has admitted to stabbing 38-year-old miner Eon Anthony Ramnarine to death at Obanna Backdam/Kurubrong Potaro.
Ramnarine reportedly received eleven stab wounds about his body. Police have reported that the two men were known to each other since their camps were located next to each other.
It is alleged that the suspect was in the habit of cursing and talking to himself and would throw hints at Ramnarine, and call him a ‘madman’ and ‘auntyman’ among other names.
On Monday, October 4, the suspect was reportedly passing next to the deceased’s camp to go to his work ground when the two ended up in an argument.
Further, it is alleged that the deceased picked up a piece of wood (pickaxe handle) and lashed the suspect to his head and left foot which resulted in them fighting.
The suspect who was armed with a knife which he was taking to be sharpened, dealt the miner several stab wounds to his body causing him to fall to the ground. One Rajesh Persaud who was passing in the area, saw the deceased’s body and reported the matter to the police.
The suspect was arrested at the scene and he handed over the knife to the police. Police say he admitted to stabbing the deceased during a fight.
The body was examined and eleven stab wounds were seen to the left hand, chest, abdomen, and back areas and a piece of wood was found next to the body.
Ramnarine was taken to Mahdia Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival
The suspect remains in custody


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