Minibus driver violates traffic laws, chases traffic rank with cutlass


A minibus driver of Sophia, Georgetown, is currently in the lockups after he allegedly broke traffic laws on Homestretch Avenue, drove away from a traffic rank when he was pulled over and asked to produce his license, then subsequently armed himself with a cutlass and pursued the cop after the traffic rank had given chase to him.

HGP Nightly News understands that the incident occurred around 13:15h on Tuesday (yesterday) and involved Constable Edwin Connelly.

According to a police statement, the cop was on motorcycle patrol proceeding West on  Homestretch Avenue while the minibus (# BZZ 3029) was proceeding East on the said road “overtaking the line of traffic which amounts to 15 vehicles.”

The driver was stopped by the cop and told of the offence which relates to dangerous driving and when he was requested to produce his driver’s license the Sophia resident drove away.

“Constable Connelly then went after the driver and caught up with him on Sheriff Street where he managed to stop the driver once again in a bid to prevent the continuation of the offence. The driver got out of the vehicle and went to the left passenger side, drew a weapon, which appears to be a cutlass from the right side passenger side of the bus, and ran after Constable Connelly. The constable then ran in a bid to prevent himself from being hurt.’

According to the police, the minibus driver returned to his vehicle and drove to his Sophia residence where he was later arrested by a patrol and taken to the Brickdam Police Station.

He is presently in police custody as investigations continue.


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