Minibus Passengers arrested after ganja discovery in bus


Two passengers from a minibus were intercepted by police after a number of parcels containing ganja were found after a search at Weldaad Police Station.
Police reported that a search was conducted on a 44-year-old male passenger where three wrapped parcels containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis were found in his traveling bag which he had in his possession.
He was told of the offence, arrested and admitted possession of the suspected cannabis.
A further search was carried out in the minibus where a green and grey haversack was seen in the trunk belonging to a 23-year-old male passenger as it unearthed three bulky parcels containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.
The passenger was told of the allegation, arrested and cautioned but denied possession of the narcotics.
The suspected cannabis were weighed and those found in the first suspect’s possession amounted to be 3175 grams while the second set of cannabis weighed 3853 grams.
Both suspects are presently in custody as further investigations are underway.


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