The Minister of Communities is reminding that the government is legitimate and is not in caretaker mode as is being suggested by the political opposition and some political analysts. More in this report from Handell Duncan.

Minister of Communities of Communities Ronald Bulkan jumped at the opportunity to set the records straight on the constitutionality and legality of the APNU-AFC administration, when the Ministry of Communities brought together senior staffers for its annual conference in the capital city. 

Minister Bulkan sought to dispel the contention that the administration should be seen as a caretaker government. He maintained that the administration is legal.

It is important that persons at the regional level understand what is taking place, the Minister surmised. He reminded those gathered that in the execution of their duties they are not acting illegally. This comment came in light of a bombardment of allegations.

The Minister urged those gathered to focus on their professional responsibilities, as he cautioned against, what he termed a campaign against the government. Minister Bulkan also highlighted some of the successes made by the administration thus far in the areas of water and housing.

Moving ahead, he detailed plans of further development in these areas. He was quick to caution against irregularities, saying no shelter will be provided for defaulters. 


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