Modern, 11-storey Police Station complex to be constructed at Brickdam


Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn has indicated that a modern, 11-storey Police Station complex will be constructed at Brickdam, Georgetown.

Minister Benn made this revelation today (December 17th, 2021) during brief remarks at the Thanksgiving and Awards Ceremony for Regional Police Division ‘4’ A.

On October 2nd, 2021 fire flattened the complex which used to be the Brickdam Police Station.

Minister Benn recalled that shortly after the fire, himself and other stakeholders along with the engineers, sat down and commit to rebuilding the Brickdam Police Station. “Our discussions suggested, and with the layout that we have available here, we should be able to build a new 7-storey facility…but I have to speak about the position of a younger and perhaps more vigorous man than myself, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, who in a discussion with me said, ‘Of course, we will build bigger and better’, and so the task we have is to build an 11-storey building on this footprint for the new Brickdam Police Station,” Minister Benn declared.

“That is what we will design, that is our intention, that is our mandate,” he said to loud applause from the audience.

“I want to thank Commander Simeon McBean, his officers and all those who ensured that after the conflagration on October 2, which resulted in the loss of probably the oldest police installation in this country….that even though there was a lot of stress and anxiety following the conflagration, the Commander and his team maintained a positive policing posture in the largest and perhaps most difficult policing division in the country,” Minister Benn posited.

He alluded to the fact that in spite of the Covid pandemic and the fact that many ranks would have suffered personal losses (belongings, etc) in the fire, the Commander and his team did an “excellent job” in maintaining a positive policing posture and keeping down the crime rate.

According to him, this resilience as a people is an indication that “we can do better when we are challenged”.

“We want to increase the peace in Guyana,” the Minister added, while extending best wishes to everyone for the holiday season.


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