MoE’s latest release is an attempt to scare teachers and there is an agreement binding the arrangements – GTU


The Ministry of Education’s recent press release which states that scholarships and duty-free concessions will be reverted to MoE because teachers have complained about mismanagement at the level of GTU. The release further stated that concessions are being used as a weapon against teachers who did not support the ongoing protest action organized by GTU. These allegations are blatant lies, we challenge MoE to produce evidence of such mismanagement and threats to teachers.
GTU wishes to inform the general public of the following:

  1. MoE’s decision is a direct response to GTU’S ongoing protest action against forced vaccination and owed finances to teachers.
  2. A clear attempt to drive fear among our teachers.
  3. MoE’s pettiness when it comes to open criticism.
  4. MoE’s lack of knowledge that there is a current enforced MoE and GTU Agreement. This agreement remains enforced until a new one is signed.
  5. MoE attempt to orchestrate union busting.
  6. The scholarship committee over the years include an officer from the Personnel Department of MoE.
  7. 100 duty free concessions annually for four categories of teachers will always result in members feeling that they are slighted. A caring MoE would have alloted more than the 100 annually.
    GTU’S track record is evident over the years. We have diligently served our teachers in the past and remain ready to serve them now and in the future.


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