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Mom allegedly allows 14-y-o to have sex with man who gives daughter money

businessman claims relationship with minor was condoned by mother

A 25-year-old businessman has been arrested after allegedly having sex with an under-aged teenager for the past two months reportedly with the blessings of her mother.

The teen, who hails from Region Three (Esequibo Islands- West Demerara) and the 25-year-old became acquainted when she had visited her mother, who operates a shop in the Apaquia Backdam, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

Meanwhile, the suspect is said to be a businessman who currently resides in the Apaquia Backdam.

The suspect and the 14-year-old female commenced a relationship during December, 2019, but the child is said to have told the businessman that she was of age to give sexual consent (16 years old). Their relationship reportedly became sexual in nature some two months later (February, 2020).

According to a police source, the man was arrested yesterday (Tuesday) after the girl’s mother made a report to the police station that her daughter had fled their home and “moved in” with the 25-year-old suspect during this month.

Since December, last year, the 14-year-old had given the businessman her cellular phone number and after this, he started visiting the shop where her mother operates on a regular basis.

It was during the first two to three weeks of meeting the child that the 25-year-old proclaimed his affection for her and stated that he would “have a conversation” with the girl’s mother about his feelings.

The police source stated that the man had approached the woman about his interest in her daughter and she reportedly encouraged her child to pursue a relationship with him.

In her report to the police, the child stated that her “boyfriend” would usually give her money and sometimes she would hand the cash over to her mother.

The child, in the month of February, reportedly visited the businessman’s shop where she spent the night with her mother’s acknowledgement and permission. This is said to be the first time the man and young girl had sex.

After this, the 14-year-old is said to have visited the suspect’s home/ business place on a regular basis and they reportedly had sex several times since February.

However, during this month (April), the girl and her mother had a misunderstanding and the teenager left her mother’s residence and relocated at the suspect’s address in the Apaquia Backdam.

After realizing that her daughter was not planning to return, the woman eventually made her way to the nearest police station and reported the matter.

Commander of Region Seven, Senior Superintendent, Linden Lord, when contacted by this publication today confirmed that his ranks are currently investigating the matter but in light of the nature of the alleged crime, he could not divulge much information.

However, he noted that the suspect was arrested immediately after the report of alleged rape was made and that a medical examination is expected to be performed on the 14-year-old soon.



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