The mother of a Mon Repos youth is fearful for the life of her son after he was viciously attacked by his next-door neighbours. The mother is demanding that the police act swiftly to apprehend those involved. Here’s that story from Javone Vickerie.

17 year-old Jagdesh Nauth is now left with a broken arm after he reportedly received a severe beating from his neighbours and other unknown men. The incident reportedly happened on Sunday night. Nauth recounted that on the night of the incident, his younger sister informed him that his neighbours were allegedly videoing, through theirwindow, his other sister taking a shower. The injured youth said that he immediately went outside and reprimanded his neighbours, but this was met with violent opposition which unfolded in the streets.

In amateur video seen here, Nauth is seen attacked by several persons while on the ground. Nauth told Nightly News that while being attacked, their window have assisted him.

Nauth’s mother Sattie Reavers said that when the attack on her son occurred, she was in the interior. The woman stated that for years, she avoided her next door neighbours, despite constant verbal abuse.

Police in ‘C’ Division confirmed that the incident was reported to the police and the necessary actions will be taken against those involved in the incident.


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