More blank COVID -19 vaccination booklets uncovered as police cracks down on fraudsters


Police during their investigation into the 4 COVID-19 vaccination booklets, sick leave forms and other medical items, revealed additional COVID-19 vaccination booklets. According to reports, the three suspects attached to the West Demerara Regional Hospital were escorted back to the hospital after searches were carried out at their homes when contact was made with the Medical Superintendent of the hospital to carry out a search in a minibus that is normally driven By one of the suspects. During the search, 7 more blue blank COVID-19 books were found in a compartment in the bus. After further questioning by the police, one of the hospital workers admitted to being the one that sometimes would uplift the booklets from the Ministry of Health in Georgetown and take them to the West Demerara Regional Hospital and during that process he would have taken out twelve books. A nurse was later questioned by police who denied signing any of the books after her signature was found in one of the books. Further investigations are being conducted.


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