With pornographic material involving school-aged youths being released in an increased number in the past few months, the Founder of Red Thread Karen De Souza says that more sex education is needed. Javone Vickerie reports.

It is also illegal to share pornographic material involving children.

According to Section 350 (1) of the Criminal Law Offenses Act, anyone who knowingly and without lawful jurisdiction or excuse publicly sells, or exposes for public sale or to public view, any obscene book, pamphlet, newspaper, or other printed or written matter, or any picture, print, engraving, photograph, model, or other objects tending to corrupt public morals; or publicly exhibits any disgusting object, or any indecent show; or publishes any obscene libel… shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and liable to imprisonment for two years.

However the act of sex involving an adult and a juvenile constitutes as statutory rape and carries a serious penalty, while sex involving two minors is the contrary according to legal minds. Founder of Red Thread Karen De Souza during a recent interview, suggests that there be an intense effort to sensitize youths about sex, respect for gender and also the dangers associated with sex.

De Souza told Nightly News that youths are more than ever exposed to the culture of sex, even before parents can have their usual discourse. She stated that there isn’t much healthy avenues for youths to socialize.

The Founder of the Non-Governmental Organization related that apart from the lack of a robust sex education platform, there is also an economical effect that draws youths to engage in sexual activities at an early age. This she says also results in many young girls being raped.


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