More Mocha Squatters to Relocate as Ministry of Housing Completes Demolition for Eccles to Diamond Highway


The Ministry of Housing in Guyana has completed the demolition of all structures in the path of the Eccles to Diamond four-lane highway. The move was necessary to make way for the expansion of the road, which is expected to improve transportation in the area significantly.

As part of the demolition process, the Ministry made efforts to relocate any individuals living in the affected structures. Four of the seven settlers resisting relocation ultimately accepted the Ministry’s offer of move-in ready two-bedroom units at Great Diamond East Bank Demerara. One person has already moved into their new home, while the remaining four are expected to visit the Ministry’s office on Friday to finalize their deals.

The successful completion of the demolition and relocation efforts marks an essential step in the progress of the Eccles to Diamond four-lane highway project. Road expansion is expected to bring numerous benefits to the community, including improved access to transportation and economic opportunities.


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