More than 20 Contractors plan to Bid for the Gov’t’s Home Construction Assistance Facility initiative


Just over 20 contractors from the Mining Town of Linden, have expressed their interest in building homes under the Government’s Home Construction Assistance Facility initiative.
During the launching of the initiative at Watooka House, today, some 21 contractors registered their interest after meeting with Engineers of the Project Department, Ministry of Housing and Water- Central Housing and Planning Authority.

The contractors were shown the models of homes which will be used under the initiative.
The agency will be gathering data and building a database after which contractors will be shortlisted for the programme when construction commences.

The contractors are being encouraged to get their relevant documentation in place as the Ministry continues its application process and is expected to move to the construction phase, soon.

Successful applicants under the Home Construction Assistance Facility will first be pre-qualified by a financial institution for a loan to build the 3 model homes. Applicants can choose from a two bedroom flat unit for $7 M, a three-bedroom flat unit (bungalow), $9 M or a three bedroom elevated unit, at $ 12 M.
Having secured a loan through the Bank, the Ministry will spearhead the construction and delivery of the home to its owner.


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