Mother’s boyfriend gets 30 months imprisonment for burning child’s vagina and back


Police have charged the teen who burnt his girlfriend’s toddler with a cigarette lighter on her vagina and back. Anil Angnoo was charged with Greivous Bodily Harm committed on Sunday last.
According to reports, while visiting his girlfriend Corentyne, Berbice home, the man became annoyed at the child since she was urinating and defecating more often than he deemed necessary.
As such he then took a cigarette lighter and burnt her causing her to receive injuries.
The matter was reported to the Rose Hall Police outpost by the 2-year old’s aunt on Tuesday.
The child was then escorted to the Port Mourant Public Hospital by police, after the report was filed, where she was medically examined by a doctor on duty and was later sent away.
The indictable charge was read to him on Friday by Magistrate Ravindranauth Singh at the Albion Magistrate’s court where he was not required to plea to the charge.
Further, the Administration of Justice Act was applied and he pleaded guilty where was sentenced to 30 months in prison.


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