As more roads become available, there is an expectation that more vehicles will continue to flood the roadways. In the last three years, the GRA has recorded a decline in the importation of Cars. Handell Duncan explains what type of vehicle is now in the lead. 

Millions of US dollars are being spent on road expansion and upgrade, like the East Coast Demerara Highway and Sheriff Street/Mandela Avenue Expansion projects.

In the near future, there are plans to create new road networks like a By-Pass Road linking the East Coast and East Bank and the Parika to Makouria road, formerly known as the Del Conte Road.. 

But, while the need for new roads is coming as a result of increasing development, the need is also being fueled by an increasing number of motor vehicles being imported, into the country.It should be noted that not all of the vehicles being imported are often registered with the Guyana Revenue Authority.

In statistics provided by the GRA, Special Purpose Vehicles importation topped all imports within the last three years with 13, 420 followed by Motor Cars at 12, 661, SUV’s 2, 364 and minibuses 2, 152. 

For 2019, there is a projection that the importation numbers will increase.   

For motor cars the PXX series which commenced in June last year will end this year. 


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