Motorcyclist injured after slamming into back of motor Jeep, motor pickup


-driver of motor Jeep claims to have been “blinded” by light from Mayor’s vehicle

A teenage motorcyclist is now nursing wounds about his body after he fell onto the roadway after a collision with a motor Jeep (PTT 8073) which allegedly abruptly halted along the roadway after the driver became “blinded” by the light of a motor pickup (PWW 7126).

According to the cops, the motor pickup (PWW 7126) is the property of the Mayor and Town Council of Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) and was being driven by Mayor Gifford Marshall.

The incident took place on Tuesday around 18:20h along the Four Miles, Potaro Road, Bartica.

The motor Jeep (PTT 8073) was being driven by Rudolph Marshall.

HGP Nightly News was told that the 19-year-old motorcyclist, Marti Subratti, hails from Carabese Hill, Bartica.

Reports are that on the evening in question, motor pick up (PWW 7126) was proceeding North along the Western side of Four Miles, Potaro Road, Bartica at a moderate rate of speed, while motor jeep (PTT 8073) was proceeding South along the Eastern side of the said road followed by Subratti who had been riding his motorcycle (CK 5078).

The driver of the motor Jeep (PTT 8073) told the cops that he “was blinded by the light of motor pickup (PWW 7126)” and as such, “slowed down.”

However, the man told investigators that when he started driving slowly along the roadway he felt an impact to the rear of his vehicle, which turned out to have been casued by Subratti’s motorbike colliding with the Jeep.

According to a police release, “as a result of the collision, the motorcycle lost control and collided into the right side of motor pickup (PWW 7126) and fell onto the road surface and received injuries about body. He was picked up by the driver of motor jeep (PTT 8073) in a conscious condition and taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital where he was seen and examined by a Doctor on duty who treated him for the injuries he received and admitted him for observation.”

Breathalyzer tests conducted on the two drivers revealed that they were below the prescribed limit and the two men were released on self-bail pending investigation.

The probe into the incident continues.


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