MP Holder defends protest action at Anna Regina market over the removal of vendors


Over the weekend, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharmlall and Opposition Member of Parliament Shurwayne Holder were defending their concerns over the removal of vendors at Anna Regina Market last Thursday.Protest action was held at the market over the decision to remove the vendors.The Minister claims that the removal of those vendors is to facilitate the construction of a newly built road into the Anna Regina Housing Scheme.Minister Dharmlall on his official Facebook page on Sunday stated, “ The town council offered the vendors, who are illegally on the road, an alternative location which is being developed into an asphaltic concrete surface with washroom and security lights. In addition, stalls in both the Anna Regina and Bush Lot main markets which are unoccupied are also made available.”However, the opposition Member of Parliament who is representing the people of Region 2, stated that that the removal of those vendors will affect more than 200 persons that have been plying their trade at the Anna Regina Market for more than 35 years. The majority of whom are single parents and widows. He said, “ That very relocation initiative was tried before by the PPP and failed. Simply put, the vendors will be placed outside of the economic zone. The banks, government offices, etc. are all nearby in Anna Regina.” Holder further claims that the Minister along with the Anna Regina Town council are the ones who have instructed the contractor not to commence the project. “Of the 120 meters of the road where vending is done, only about 20 meters require significant repairs. Secondly, the contractor admitted that he only required 20 feet width and as such the vendors adjusted their stalls providing in excess of 24 feet. So it is quite clear that the eviction of the vendors has nothing to do with the construction of any road.” Minister Dharmlall mentioned that the Anna Regina Town Council had issued many notices to street vendors to move in order that the main access road is constructed. “I myself met with vendors on a number of occasions on this issue. The town council even bought 50 collapsable stalls for the vendors to use and pack up on a daily basis,” he mentioned.


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