New Amsterdam prisoner hospitalized following assault from fellow inmate with dumbbell and razor blade


Halmont Hunte ,a New Amsterdam prisoner is now awaiting surgery after a fellow inmate assaulted and wounded him on Tuesday Night.
According to police, Hunt was injured after a fellow inmate who is serving time for murder/rape went into the dormitory requesting milk from Hunt who is serving a two-year sentence for wounding.

Police say Hunte complied with the request and resumed watching television. The victim then retired to bed. Hunt alleges that he was awakened at around 19:45 hrs by a severe hit to the back of his head and saw the inmate over him armed with a dumbbell. He claimed that the suspect told him that he was interfering with his family and continued assaulting him this time with a razor blade, which he used to the man’s left foot.

Hunte was escorted by prison officers to the New Amsterdam Hospital and is in the emergency unit. Investigations are continuing into the incident.


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