The Opposition is preparing to debate its No-Confidence Motion it tabled against the Government in four days, from today. But, for the Opposition, to have its motion passed it will require at least one vote from the Government’s side. Something which is highly unlikely. More in this report from Handell Duncan. 

Friday, December 21st, is the date when the Opposition, People’s Progressive Party Civic No-Confidence Motion will come up for debate in the National Assembly. The Opposition is unsure whether the Motion will succeed in the Government controlled National Assembly. In the Government controlled House, the Government has 33 while the Opposition has 32 elected members.

If a member on the Government side, should support the Motion, Jagdeo isn’t seeing that as an act of betrayal.

Nevertheless, the party is required to notify the parliament office before Friday, how many of its members will speak on that motion.

Jagdeo told a Monday News conference that the government is in a state of panic. But, last month, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said that the Opposition’s motion of no-confidence in the government has no reasonable prospect of success. He explained that the motion must have a majority of all elected members of National Assembly. If someone abstains, then it would have a 32/32, meaning the motion is tied, and, in that case according ​to the Prime Minister, the mover loses the motion, so it is defeated.


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