No law requiring police permission for public protest


Please see full release: Referencing a release by the Guyana Police Force earlier today, the organizers of the DAY OF PROTEST scheduled for July 4, on the Buxton public road hasten to inform the public and those desirous of participating that there is no law which requires police permission for the staging of protests.
The Public Order Act addresses Meetings and Processions. It says if anyone wants to hold a public meeting they have to ‘notify’ the person in charge of the police station nearest to which the meeting is to be held. In cases of a procession being planned then permission must be sought from the person / police officer in charge of the division.
The day of protest is neither a procession nor meeting. It is a peaceful placard bearing protest.
In its release to the public the Guyana Police force said, “Relative to a flyer/poster being circulated on social media about a Day of Protest to be held on the Buxton public road on Monday 4th July, 2022, the Guyana Police Force would like to make it clear that no application was made or permission granted to hold such a protest. It further added that members of the public as well as the purported organisers of such a protest are asked to be guided accordingly and obey the law.
Protection of the Freedom of assembly, association and demonstration: Article 147(1) of the Constitution of Guyana, Cap 1:01 of the Laws of Guyana provides:
(1) Except with his or her own consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of assembly, association and freedom to demonstrate peacefully, that to say, his or her right to assemble freely, to demonstrate peacefully and to associate with other persons and in particular to form or belong to political parties, trade unions or other associations for the protection of his or her interests’


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