Non Pareil businessman that died in gas station had a ‘seizure attack’


Investigations revealed that 66 year old Hamid Sharriff- the man who died in the Rubis Gas Station on Thursday suffered from a seizure attack. The businessman of Lot 113 Block ‘XX’ Non Pareil, ECD had left home with his wife in their Toyota Tundra vehicle. They arrived at the Rubis Gas Station located on the Rupert Craig Highway. The businessman then proceeded to one of the gas pumps and began to refuel the vehicle when he had a seizure attack and became motionless…

“It was also revealed that, prior to the seizure attack, the deceased had a history of travelling with ‘high cholesterol’ and a heart-related condition.” Police said in a statement.

The EMT Ambulance Service was immediately summoned to the scene and the deceased was pronounced dead by Doctor Singh at about 14:00hrs.

The body is presently lying at the Jerrick’s Funeral Home awaiting a PME.

No marks of violence was seen on the exposed part of the deceased body.

Investigations are ongoing.


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