OFF DE FENCE – Episode 4 – MiniBus Culture Pt1


Join us on de fence this week as host Francis Bailey and panelists Denise Dias, founder of advocacy group Mothers In Black and Eon Andrews, chairman of the United Minibus Union, take an incisive look at the public/private transport system in Guyana. In the first of two shows dedicated to the topic we ask if it is time for the lawlessness at our bus parks to be stamped out once and for all. Is the public interest being served with the vulgarity, harassment, violence and culture of flouting the law which prevails? Are young Guyanese being negatively influenced by what they grow up seeing on the roads and at our main transport hubs? Is there a sinister level of collusion between the Guyana Police Force and elements within the minibus fraternity which seeks profit above all else at the expense of safety, human life and abiding by the law? All this and more as we switch between hidden camera footage exposing the scale of the problem and a very informative in-studio panel discussion. As we gear up for part two of the show where we start to look at best practice from other countries and solutions to the problems facing us at home, feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas on the issue. Drop us a line at any time if there is a topic you want to see covered in future episodes or you would like to join a panel to ask your own tough questions.


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