“Off duty” Cop under close arrest for allegedly using bottle to assault two men on roadway


A Police Constable is currently nursing wounds about his body and under ‘close arrest’ after he allegedly wounded a 24-year-old Porter who had tried to stop the cop from physically assaulting his friend last night (Sunday).

The injured porter has been identified as Kester Norville of Middle Street, Pouderoyen village, West Bank Demerara (WBD.

HGP Nightly News understands that the alleged wounding also took place at the above-mentioned street around 19:40h Sunday.

Norville told investigators that he had been on the roadway in front of his home when he observed the Police Constable use a bottle to hit his (Norville’s) friend to the face.

The porter claimed that this prompted him to intervene with the aim of “setting peace” between the cop and his friend, however, his interference in the matter reportedly ‘annoyed’ the suspect who in turn used the bottle to deal several lashes to the porter’s head and body.

According to the police, Norville received injuries to his head and hands and was escorted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, West Coast Demerara (WCD), where he was treated and sent away.

The Police Constable involved in the mattter was subsequently contacted and also had to be escorted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital due to injuries he had sustained.

He was treated and sent away from that medical facility and now remains under ‘close arrest’ as investigations continue.


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