Old grievance between two men ends drastically for both


An old grieviance between two men was exacerbated on Wednesday evening and ended with one of them in police custody and the other hospitalised .

According to police ,a 22-year-old male is assisting lawmen with investigations while 30 year old Chirulall Mankarran called Tony is hospitalized.

Reports from  Mankarran state that he left his home on Wednesday afternoon to visit the  Sue Mamoo Chinese Restaurant at Bushlot Village Corentyne, Berbice, to make a purchase.

He claimed that  whilst there he was confronted by the suspect with whom he had a previous misunderstanding and who was at the time imbibing  in the said restaurant.

The suspect, upon seeing  Mankarran , reportedly armed himself  with a glass bottle and approached him and a scuffle ensued .

The suspect then broke the said glass bottle and dealt the victim a stab to his left hip causing him to receive a wound.

The victim then made a report at the Whim Police Station and was escorted to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where he received treatment before being transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

The suspect was arrested shortly afterwards as investigations continue


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