Onderneeming Phase 4 Allottees set to take up Residency soon


Over the weekend, Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal, while visiting  on the Essequibo Coast, Pomeroon/Supernaam went to a number of sites where the Ministry is carrying out infrastructure works, in some of the new housing areas. 

The Minister stopped in at the Onderneeming Phase 4, Housing scheme which will soon be home to more than 370 families. 

The ongoing works include, installation of road networks, concrete drainage system and land clearing. For persons who have been allocated lots in the Onderneeming Phase 4 Scheme, the Minister noted that they will be able to identify their lots and commence construction by November of this year.

Croal also pointed out that for the first time ever, the Ministry will be undertaking the task for rehabilitating some roads in the Onderneeming community.  

Over the coming weeks, he noted that the Ministry will continue in its efforts in meeting the housing demands of the Essequibo coast as they are aiming for 1000 allocations to families of every income bracket. Already, approximately 650 allocations have been made available to residents who live on the coast in Region 2.


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