One year jail time for cutlass wielding Sophia bus driver


A bus driver, whose video went viral on social media after attempting to assault a traffic police officer in April 2021, will be serving a one-year sentence after being found guilty of a number of offenses.
Collis Whyte appeared before Senior Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Georgetown’s Magistrate Court in room 7 via Zoom where his offenses were read to him.

According to the court, at around 13:15hrs, the traffic cop was on patrol on Homestretch Avenue when the minibus, registration number BZZ 3029, was overtaking the line of traffic with at least 15 vehicles ahead of him.

Police said that he was stopped by the said officer, informed of the offence, and asked to produce his driver’s license; he reportedly drove away instead.
The traffic officer, then reportedly, chased after the driver and caught up to him on Sheriff Street, and stopped him once more.
The suspect was said to have exited his vehicle, armed himself with a cutlass and chased after the officer, forcing him to flee for his safety. Police said the suspect was later arrested by patrol officers. The incident was captured on video.

In court on Monday the man was found guilty of; two counts of dangerous driving – fined $50,000 on each or 3 months imprisonment, Conduct of driver – fined 30,000 or 6 weeks imprisonment, Breach of condition of a certificate of fitness – fined 20,000 or 4 weeks imprisonment, Failure to give right away – fined 25,000 or 5 weeks imprisonment and Breach of Restriction (not wearing a face mask in public) – fined 10,000 or 1-week imprisonment


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