Opposition leader seeking removal of Min. Ramson Jr. following recent controversial comments


Below is a statement by Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Minister Ramson Jr’s recent ‘Lack of Black Role models’:

“A number of Guyanese took to their facebook social media platforms, to call out a very disturbing act by Minister Charles Ramson Jr.

Ramson appeared on the popular 94.1 Boom Fm radio station and decided that he had the moral right to offer the African Guyanese community a lecture. His lecture was one that was biased, prejudicial and laced with racial undertones.

As leader of the Opposition, I strongly condemn Ramson’s verbal lientery. The belief by Ramson that he has the authority to speak on such matters in the manner in which he did is not limited to him but rather this mindset is pervasive in the PPP. It is a paradigm that stems from the belief that they are better than African Guyanese and somehow they have credentials which afford them the right to denigrate the African Guyanese community in Guyana.

Likewise I strongly condemn 94.1 radio station for allowing a Minister of Government to use their platform to incite racial tension with his vile prejudice of the African Guyanese community.

Sad to say that this is what we can continue to expect from the PPP. We have always said that the PPP is racist by nature and the guise of having a few African and Indigenous Guyanese as Ministers will not erase that central aspect of its nature.

I will not be asking that Ramson or HJ apologise to the African Guyanese Community, rather I am calling on the African Guyanese community and all who are appalled by Ramson’s sentiments to unite and push back against those who seek to define the African Guyanese reality within a nanoscopic and inglorious context. I call for us to take action, file petitions, seek Ramson’s resignation or removal from office, they will ignore it but let our disapproval be heard and felt in more ways than one. Let the world see the PPP for who they really are.

94.1 radio station must take note of the views of the majority of Guyanese who listen to their station daily. This disrespect to a large section of our Guyanese community will not and should not be tolerated. Supporting those who are emboldened to suppress and oppress others comes at a grave cost and no one should be willing to be used in such a manner.”


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