The Opposition is one step closer to choosing its presidential candidate. But, in doing so, the party intends to favour a person who has experience. More in this report from Handell Duncan.

Opposition Leader and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party – Bharrat Jagdeo says the party has a great pool of persons that the party can choose from to become its presidential candidate.

The Opposition Leader was responding to questions on the selection of its Presidential Candidate.

Running a cabinet is very complex according to Jagdeo. He explained that the issues are multifaceted.

From the pool whoever expresses interest is a different matter, Jagdeo reasoned.

The Central Executive of the party should have been meeting, on Thursday, to decide on its Presidential Candidate. As it relates to the Prime Ministerial Candidate there is no clear indication who that individual could be unlike the Presidential Candidacy where several names were tossed around.


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