Over $134M worth of “ganja” burnt by cops in Berbice River


While executing a narcotics eradication exercise in the Berbice River today, ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) swooped down at the Bartica Village, where they discovered two (2) and a half acres of cannabis cultivation.

Twenty thousand (20,000) plants ranging between three (3) and six (6) feet were burnt at that location by the lawmen. The estimated “street value” of the discovery is said to be  $47,500,000.

Some of the “ganja”plants in the Bartica Village, Berbice River, being destroyed by fire today.

Meanwhile, at the  De Veldt Village, one (1) acre of cultivated plants and a  camp were  discovered by police ranks with an average of three thousand (3,000) cannabis plants. These plants were said to range between two (2) and four (4) feet with a”street value” of $4,075,000.

The one (1) acre of cannabis cultivation containing 3,000 “ganja” plants at the De Veldt village.

Additionally, at the Gaettroy Village, two (2) cannabis farms were discovered,  with each measuring two (2) and a half acres.

One of the make-shift camps discovered at the Gaettroy village being destroyed by fire on one cannabis farm

According to the police, both fields had an average of twenty five thousand (25,000) plants, ranging between two (2) and five (5) feet. Together, the two fields of cannabis plants are said to have with a “street value” of $83,400,000.

A section of the “ganja” plants on the cannabis farm that was destroyed by the cops today.

The plants along with the camps discovered at these three (3) locations were destroyed by fire.


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