Over $23M in cash, incentives awarded to cops for outstanding service this year-old


Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-seven (2997) police ranks were on Thursday (today) awarded with more than $23M in cash and incentives for their outstanding work and dedication to service during the Guyana Police Force’s Annual Award Ceremony at the Police Officers’ Mess Annexe, Eve Leary.

However, in light of the COVID-19 restrictions, only a few of the ranks were present to receive their awards.

Commissioner of Police (ag) Nigel Hoppie, while giving the feature address, charged the ranks to be professional when dealing with members of the public.

According to a statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF), he also recognized the challenges ranks face and acknowledged that despite the setbacks, their performance has been creditable.

In light of this, Commissioner (ag) Hoppie stated that recognition for hard work is due this year since 2020 has been filled with challenges and new experiences for the GPF.

“However, despite these challenges and experiences the Force has performed creditably, in spite of some unsavory incidents, and has been able to maintain a safe and secure environment within the country. We are aware that more needs to be done, but we are also aware that we have prevailed”.

See below excerpt from GPF statement on awardees:

Emerging from the group of awardees for overall Best Cop was Woman Detective Sergeant 20846 Melanie Hale from Region Number 4 ‘A’ for being instrumental in solving several high-profile murders and see to the arrest and charges of other criminal matters.

As part of her recognition, Woman Detective Sergeant 20846 Melanie Hale received a plaque and a trophy, $250,000 from the Guyana Police Force, a trip to the Kaieteur Fall from the Roraima Group of Companies and a sum of $150,000 from Queensway Security Service Inc.

Ranks from all ten Administrative Regions were also awarded with plaques and monies for their exceptional work in crime fighting, anti-narcotics exercises, traffic control and enhancing the safety of their communities in which they serve. These ranks were awarded Best Cop’s for their Regions, also Community Policing Groups.

The Runner-up prize went to Detective Sergeant 20310 Leon George, who has been a member of the Force for the past thirteen (13) years and is attached to the Criminal Investigation Department at the Golden Grove Police Station. He was instrumental solving a number of robberies, murders, seizures of narcotics and also dismantling a ring of persons who were involved in the theft of motor cars. He received a plaque a total sum of $200,000 also $100,000 from Queensway Security Service Inc.

Sergeant 20846 Melanie Hale thanked the Force’s Administration for recognizing her efforts and highlighted her award as a sign of gender equality of the Guyana Police Force “it shows clearly that there is gender equality in the Guyana Police Force and it is evident that women can be just as disciplined, efficient, hardworking, professional and above all productive as their male counterparts in the field of Law enforcement”.


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