Overseas-based Guyanese technician, businesswoman robbed in bar by gunmen


A 26-year-old woman was robbed of $400,000 in cash and two (2) cellular phones while her 66-year-old male customer was robbed of a gold pendant valued at $20,000 while they were inside of the “Corn Bread Hangout Bar” on Lime Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, by two (2) gunmen and their two (2) accomplices.

The armed robbery took place on Saturday around 21:00h when the perpetrators arrived on two (2) motorcycles at the above-mentioned location.

The quartet managed to make good their escape with the woman’s cash along with her blue ‘S9’ Samsung Galaxy cellular phone worth $120,000 and her white ‘S10’ Plus Samsung cellular phone valued at $140,000.

The 66-year-old male was robbed of his gold pendant which was marked “HART”.

Reports are that two (2) of the suspects dismounted the motorcycles which were ridden by their accomplices and used their two (2) handguns to discharge several rounds while entering the premises.

The businesswoman, who operates the bar in question, immediately discontinued attending to a customer and ran to the back of the yard, leaving her cash and cellular phones where she had placed them near the counter.

According to a police statement, the gunmen then snatched 66-year-old man’s chain from his neck as well as the businesswoman’s money and cellular phones before they ran outside and jumped onto the waiting motorcycles, making good their escape.

“Three (3) spent shells were recovered. The suspects remain on the run as investigations continue,” the cops noted.


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