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Parliamentarian calls for consensus on national issues 

The National Assembly held a reception on Thursday to celebrate its 70th anniversary, reflecting on a journey that began in 1953.

Despite deeming the 70 years as a “big milestone” for Guyana, Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir said that this period is a short time in the life of democracy.

“We have been challenged during that time, but we are here today. And as once diplomat said to me, is what we are going to leave for the future generations,” the Speaker posited. 

Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Minister Gail Teixeira, who is performing the duties of the President, called on her colleagues and the Opposition to reach a consensus on national issues.

“That is what we have to work towards now. I believe as we leave the 70 years and look back at the history of this country, and look back at the leaders that we have come from and the leaders whose shoulders we stand on now, that we are indeed a special country,” the Minister remarked. 

Meanwhile, Opposition Parliamentarian Volda Lawrence, who appeared on behalf of Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton, said that for far too long, the National Assembly had been used as a tool for executive aggression. 

In light of this, Lawrence noted that the spirit of bi-partisan must emanate from the seat of the Speaker.

“For too long, the National Assembly has been used as a tool for executive aggression and repression. Therefore, the Opposition continues to be resolute in ushering in a new dispensation, a new culture within the National Assembly, a culture of mature leadership,” Lawrence noted. 

Apart from government officials and the Opposition, members of the diplomatic community were also in attendance at the reception. 

The reception was held on the lawns of the Parliament Office on Brickdam, Georgetown.



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