Passenger assaulted with steel rod by taxi-driver over “payment” for service


A 22-year-old labourer is now nursing a fractured left hand after he was allegedly assaulted with a steel rod by a taxi-driver who he hired to “do a special trip” for an agreed sum but to failed pay the amount when a misunderstanding between the two (2) men occurred late Sunday night.

The incident took place around 23:30h at Crane Old Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD) on Sunday, and involved a 22-year-old taxi driver.

According to a police statement, the labourer hired the suspect to do a special trip to Soesdyke for $15,000, to which the suspect agreed.

“However, on conclusion of the trip there was a misunderstanding between the suspect and the victim in terms of payment. This caused the suspect to become annoyed and dealt the victim a lash to the left-arm elbow with a steel rod causing him to receive a fractured hand. The victim is presently admitted at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.”

The suspect was arrested and escorted to the Vreed-En-Hoop Police Station where he was placed into custody assisting with the investigations.


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