Passengers in Mini Bus busted with 17 pounds of Marijuana in Haversack


Two men- A 28 year old taxi driver of Charlotte Street, Georgetown and a 36 year old labourer of Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo landed themselves in hot water after police busted them in a route 31 minibus with 7,752.8 grams (17 pounds) of marijuana. Police ranks in Regional Division #3, acting on information received on Tuesday stopped an orange colour Pitbull minibus that was travelling on the public road at Orangestein, East Bank Essequibo. The men were at the time passengers.

Police headquarters in a statement noted that “The ranks conducted a search of the minibus and the occupants during which a black haversack was found at the bottom of the rear seat containing ten (10) transparent and bulky plastic containing a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis. The passengers were questioned and were all escorted to Parika Police station along with the said minibus.’

At Parika Police Station, further investigations were carried out which led to the arrest of two of the passengers – a 28-year-old taxi driver of Charlotte Street, Georgetown and a 36-year-old labourer of Zeelugt, EBE.

The two suspects were told of the suspicion by the arresting rank and of the offense committed, to which they both denied the allegation.

The suspected cannabis was counted and it amounted to 10 parcels, all were weighed in their presence and it amounted to 7,752.80 grams.

All were marked, sealed and lodged in their presence.

The two suspects were then placed into custody, pending charges.

Statements were taken and investigations are ongoing.


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