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Paul Williams DSM is the next senior ranking officer and most suitable for the next Top Cop.

Dear Editor,

Another milestone was recently recorded in this country’s history after it was announced that a larger FPSO has become operational and thus our oil and gas outputs will experience a dramatic increase. Several other FPSOs are planned before 2025. Guyana will need all hands on deck and our regulators, law enforcement entities and of course, the Government of Guyana will have to up their game. The delivery of services will be paramount. It is a fact that our country is facing unprecedented growth. One area especially will be on the immigration and work permit front. Trans-national crimes and the evolving nature of criminals will collide with the expectation of the populace. Scarce human resources are being utilised on fronts including traffic control that should be focusing the attention elsewhere.

It is known that in March Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nigel Hoppie, DSM, will be proceeding on his pre-retirement leave, paving the way for a new Top Cop. We cannot afford to get it wrong. The next Commissioner must be equipped in all aspects to properly and skillfully handle the challenges, and have to rise to the occasion of providing the timely and appropriate measures to enhance public security and confidence of the ranks and the public together. There can be no contemplation to a commissioner who does not attract the confidence of the Guyana Police Force and the populace.

It is well known that Deputy Commissioner Paul Williams has performed the duties of Training Officer, Commander in several Policing Divisions, Crime Chief and Top Cop in the past. He is a graduate from the University of Guyana on three occasions, Walden University in the USA, and several other international institutions with a Masters in Criminal Justice, Post Graduate Diploma in Drafting, Degree in Law, Diploma in Management and the list goes on. He is well qualified and has the experience and energies to galvanise the changes that will have to come. The GPF’s future has to be charted on a course that is modern, that contemplates technology as well as be accommodating to the high expectations of the people for crime-fighting in this new era.

His Excellency, President Irfaan Ali, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo and Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn, will have their work cut out for them. They must move quickly to ready our country. We will have to endeavour not to make the mistakes of the past where commissioners were chosen primarily on political consideration, and overlooking professionalism, integrity, leadership, qualification and vast experiences in policing operations and administration, which should be the paramount hallmarks for the next Top Cop. Williams possesses and exhibits those qualities inside and outside of the GPF. Deputy Commissioner Williams has been serving admirably and will bring about a positive change in the security landscape of Guyana. He is highly respected and appreciated across all ethnic divides.

He commands the respect of all and sundry in the Force from the junior to the senior ranks. He has trained almost 80% of the present serving members. Therefore, he has already established that command and respect for gelling and working with the commitment of the officers, juniors, civil society and international agencies from around the world who had numerous engagements with him at all forums. It must also be noted that Deputy Commissioner Williams is the next senior rank in line after Acting Commissioner Nigel Hoppie. Therefore, by all expectations, a man who has worked through the ranks from Constable and kept that unblemished character and posture, should be able to function in the capacity of the next Top Cop, and to lead the GPF for challenges ahead. The senior and junior ranks of the GPF will breathe a sigh of relief that finally, we can have someone of his calibre at the top. We are excited about the future of the GPF and our beloved country. May the Almighty continue to bless Guyana.

Seniors, junior ranks of the GPF



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