Pedal cyclist killed in ‘hit and run’ accident on Railway Embankment road


A 62-year-old pedal cyclist lost the battle for his life today after he was struck down while pedaling his bicycle last night (Friday) along the Liliendaal Railway Embankment, Greater Georgetown.

Dead is Frederick Blue of Second Street, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. He was reportedly struck down by an unidentified motor vehicle whose driver failed to stop and render assistance to the man after the collision occurred.

Reports are that around 19:15h on Friday, Blue was proceeding either East or West along the Southern side of the above-mentioned roadway when a motor vehicle which had been proceeding West along the said road slammed into his bicycle and drove away from the accident scene.
As a result of the collision, the pedal cyclist fell onto the Southern parapet of the road and received injuries to his head and body.

According to the police, Blue was then picked up in an unconscious condition bleeding from his head, placed in an ambulance and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Upon the pedal cyclist’s arrival at the hospital, he was admitted as a patient in the ‘Critical Bay’ suffering from severe head injuries.

Despite the efforts of the doctors and medical staff there to save his life, Blue succumbed to his injuries this morning around 03:25h.

His body is presently at the GPHC’s Mortuary where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination (PME).

Meanwhile, investigations into the fatal accident are currently ongoing.


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