Pedal cyclist nabbed by cops with “ganja” in pants pocket, plastic bag


A man who was riding his bicycle along the Good Success village, Wakenaam Island, is now in hot water after police discovered a quantity of cannabis leaves, seeds and stems inside of nine (2) Ziploc bags and more of the narcotics in bulky parcels in his left hand on Monday (yesterday).

According to a police statement, ranks observed the man pedalling his cycle and stopped him, informed him of “suspicions” and then subjected him to a search.

They found a silver foil wrap paper inside of the right side front pants pocket with the 9 Ziploc bags mentioned above and further searches conducted in a black plastic bag that he was carrying inside his left hand revealed two (2) bulky parcels wrapped in transparent plastic.

“Same contained a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis. The police then took possession of all the narcotics. The suspect was immediately told of the offence and cautioned and he remained silent.”

He was then arrested and taken to the Sans Souci Police Station where the narcotics were weighed in his presence and amounted to 711 grams.

He remains in custody awaiting charges.


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