Pensioner beaten in home with thieves carting off $300,000 in cash and XR bike


Pensioner beaten in home with thieves carting off $300,000 in cash and XR bike A 67-year-old man on Saturday morning was robbed of his XR motorcycle, cash, and other items.The police have indicated that the pensioner had retired to bed after securing his home the following night leaving his motorcycle in his kitchen at Huis T Dieren Essequibo Coast and a handbag that contained cash in the chair. The pensioner told the police that about 3:00hrs on Saturday morning, he felt someone choking him and a knife being placed to his neck before two males tied his hands together with a wire.He alleged that the men began cuffing him about his abdomen and putting him to sit on his bed where they took off his wristwatch and went about ransacking his home for more than half an hour.A touch screen cell phone valued at $30,000, $300,000 cash, his wristwatch, and a red and black XR motorcycle bearing number plate CK 8430 valued at $500,000 were taken by the men who made good their escape.The pensioner later jumped his fence and went to his neighbour for help who untied him and took him to the Suddie Hospital where he was treated and sent home. Checks were made for the suspects but to no avail.Inquiries are in progress.


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