Pensioner dead after allegedly shooting himself with licensed firearm at home


A 72-year-old pensioner reportedly took his own life by using his licensed firearm to shoot himself while his wife and daughter were in the lower flat of the two (2)-storeyed house they all resided in.

The deceased has been identified as Alimoon Narainedatt of Edingburg village, East Bank Essequibo who is said to have died at his residence on Thursday (yesterday).

Narainedatt and his wife lived in the upstairs flat of the house while their 47-year-old daughter resides in the lower flat.

Reports are that around 13:40h on the day in question, the man’s wife and daughter were downstairs together while he was alone in the upper flat. As his wife was making her way up the stairs to return to her spouse, she heard a loud noise which sounded like an explosion, and rushed into the building to determine what caused the noise.

Upon entering the upper flat she discovered her husband lying in the doorway, in a “crouched” position and pool of blood.

An alarm was raised and police ranks were summoned to the scene.

According to a police statement, when the investigators arrived at Narainedatt’s home, they noticed the man’s licenced semi-automatic single barrel shotgun under his hand.

“The victim was picked up and transported to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where the Doctor on duty pronounced him dead. The body was subsequently taken to the Arokorium Funeral home where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination (PME),” the police added.

Investigations into the pensioner’s death continue.


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