Pensioner found lifeless with cement sling around neck at home


A 74-year-old pensioner was discovered dead by his son outside of their bathroom with a piece of cement sling tied around his neck on Wednesday (yesterday) afternoon.

The dead man has been identified as Alfred King of Present Hope, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) who is said to have lost his life between 08:00h and 15:30h yesterday.

Reports are that around 15:30h on the day in question, King’s 54-year-old son who lives at the same address but in a separate house from the older man, made checks for his father.

After a brief search, he discovered his father’s lifeless body and raised an alarm.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) was immediately contacted and ranks responded to the scene where they found King’s lifeless body.

According to a statement from the cops, they cut down his body and inspected it for marks of violence but none was seen.

“The body was afterwards escorted to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where it was pronounced dead on by a doctor on duty. The body was then escorted to Ezekiel Funeral Home where it is presently awaiting Post Mortem Examination (PME). Investigation is ongoing.


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