In excess of 28 million dollars’ worth of medical equipment was donated to the Georgetown Public Hospital by the People’s Republic of China. Officials in the health care sector say that the donation will expand the level of health care provided to Guyanese. Here are the details from Javone Vickerie.

The donation will now allow the Georgetown Public Hospital to perform plastic surgery; with a tissue expander unit. In addition, the health institution will also now be able to provide improved ophthalmology services with an iris repairer. Along with the donation, the People’s Republic of China had previously dispatched a group of Doctors specialized in several fields of medicine and surgery. This is the 14 th medical brigade of doctors sent to Guyana. The team has already spent six months in Guyana. Head of that Brigade, Dr. Shen Jiansong explained that the team is satisfied with their interactions and services provided to not only the GPHC but also many Guyanese who they helped during the period.

Minister of Health Volda Lawrence remarked that the donation of equipment will further concrete the relationship Guyana shares with China. She expressed optimism that better health services will be provided in 2019.

Chief Executive of the GPHC Ret’d Brigadier George Lewis explained that collaborations between Guyana and China has allowed medical specialist from the Asian country to provide a more advance medical care to Guyanese.


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