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Phase One, Edinburgh allottees now able to access their house

As promised by the Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal just over two weeks ago, the first batch of allottees in Phase One, Edinburgh, West Coast Demerara, this morning participated in a lot of identification exercises.
Some 65 persons were invited earlier today to identify their lot and boundary lines by the staff of the Survey department of the Central Housing and Planning Authority.
These persons were allocated lands in December 2020 at the first ever Dream Realise event in Region, Three.
It was sheer excitement for these allottees who expressed gratitude and satisfaction for finally being able to access their land.
A total of 410 lots have been allocated, however during an inspection of works earlier this month, the Minister was informed of some challenges facing the contractors. As a result of these challenges, there has been some delay in the pace at which infrastructure works are carried out.
Even as works are ongoing to make the remainder of the scheme available the Agency has committed to start identifying lots with persons in phases. By the end of September, allottees in Phase Two and Three will be able to access their land.



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