PNC honours the nation’s first peoples and commits to improving their quality of life


The People’s National Congress extends its best wishes to Guyana’s indigenous people as they observe Indigenous Heritage month 2021. The Coalition administration – comprising A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change, from 2015 to 2020 – markedly advanced the quality of life of Indigenous people, appointing the country’s first Indigenous Vice-President to head the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs.

The Coalition established the first towns in four hinterland regions populated mainly by Indigenous people – at Mabaruma, Bartica, Mahdia and Lethem, each with its own public radio station and other agencies – to quicken the delivery of public services to nine Indigenous communities—Akawaio, Arawak, Arecuna, Carib, Makusi, Patamona, Wai-Wai, Wapichan and Warrau – who live in those regions.

The Coalition promulgated Plans of Action for Regional Development aimed at ‘leaving no one behind’ by eradicating poverty, improving education, promoting employment and economic prosperity and reducing inequality as a form of ‘social contract’ with the people.

The PNC also sends its wishes to the National Toshao’s Council, and Toshaos and wish them all the very best in their deliberation as they continue to advance the work of our Indigenous brothers and sisters. The PNC continues to honour the nation’s first peoples and commits to improving their quality of life.

Happy Indigenous Heritage month.


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