Police advise Linden protestors to remove from Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge


As more protesters take to the streets to advocate for the choice of taking the COVID-19 vaccines, the Guyana Police Force is informing those at the Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge in Linden to desist such. Protest action began today in Linden with about 400 persons blocking the main access bridge, calling on Government to review the new mandatory vaccine policy.This steamed against the action of doctors and nurses being locked out of the Linden hospital Complex. “The Guyana Police Force is reminding the general public that while the Constitutional Right of citizens to peaceful protest is respected, when such protests degenerate into unlawful actions the Police Force, in keeping with its mandate of maintaining public safety and security, will as a consequence take the requisite lawful actions to ensure that law and order are restored,” the statement read. Further, the police stated that persons should stop the unlawful activity of blocking vehicular and other access to the bridge


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