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Police arrest another suspect in robbery of Reg.6 RDC

Police have arrested another suspect in connection with the robbery executed on the Region Six Regional Democratic Council (RDC) office.

The suspect has been identified as Lawrence Vanlewyn, a “known character” who has had several brushes with the law.

According to the Police, he was slated to appear in Court today in Berbice concerning an armed robbery charge. Police are pursuing the other suspects.

Earlier today, we reported that another suspect was fatally shot during an exchange of gunfire with investigating ranks.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) did not release the identity of the man who was killed but noted that another suspect is in custody.

He has been identified as Tarrique Pollard, called ‘Tari,’ a 33-year-old taxi driver from Mahicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The GPF stated that at about 12:00h, an officer and several ranks left the Central Police Station in two of the Force’s vehicles and went to Heatburn in East Berbice.

While on the Public Road heading south, the Police team received further information about motor vehicle PSS 3448, which was proceeding in the opposite direction on Heatburn Road.

“The Ranks signalled the driver to stop, and he slowed and pulled to the western corner of the road and stopped. However, as the Police ranks approached the vehicle, the suspects shot at the Police (three loud explosions were heard), and the vehicle sped off.”

One of the ranks returned fire, discharging a round in the direction of the fleeing vehicle.

According to the Police, five occupants were observed in the fleeing vehicle, which suddenly stopped about eight hundred meters away.

Police ranks gave chase in one of the Force vehicles, and by the time they reached the car, they observed four persons exiting, three of whom ran to the western side of the road towards the river.

The driver lay on the ground while the three men discharged several rounds at the Police.

The Ranks gave chase, but the suspects managed to escape. Police checked the vehicle, and a male was seen sitting in the front passenger seat.

His body tilted towards the driver’s seat with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the back of his head and blood on the vehicle’s floor.

He was picked up, and a handgun was found next to the gear stick. He was rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The motor vehicle was lodged with the Police at the Central Police Station, and a firearm, knives and a cutlass were found inside. Investigations are in progress.



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