Police destroys $26.4M worth of cannabis at two Berbice farms


Police have destroyed two ganja farms after discovering them in the Berbice River.
In the DeVeldt area, police discovered about 6,000 marijuana plants ranging from 3-5ft in height and about 600lbs of dry cannabis along with one 12-gauge shotgun and one 12-gauge cartridge
Additionally, about 10,000 plants ranging from 3 to 6 feet in height and a nearby camp which was searched, and about 100lbs of dried cannabis were discovered in the Gaeteroy area.
According to the police, the estimated street value of the plants at both farms is about $5.4 million which the dried cannabis estimated street value is $21 million.
The cannabis along with nearby camps was destroyed by police ranks, while the firearm along with the ammunition has been lodged at the Central Police Station pending further investigation. No one has since been arrested.


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