Police hunts gunman who robbed lindeners of gold jewelry, cash


A lone gunman is wanted by the Police after he robbed two persons of their jewelry. Police reported that about one minute to twelve on Sunday night, an unidentifiable male walked into a Central Amelia’s Ward Linden yard after several persons were imbibing with friends and family. According to reports, a 54 year old contractor was at the time in a business woman’s yard, when the gunman discharged two shots in the air where he instructed the contractor to hand over two gold finger rings valued at $225,000.00, one gold cricket band valued at $250,000.00 and one wallet containing $15,000.00 cash and a quantity of documents.
The gunman then approached the businesswoman and relieved her of one gold earring valuing $35,000.00.
He later escaped the scene without injuring anyone.
The matter was reported to the Police station and checks were made in the area for the suspect, but wass proven futile. Investigation is ongoing.


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