Police investigating death of 20-year-old who allegedly drowned in Essequibo River


Police are investigating a report of an alleged drowning of Nyron Parke, a 20-year-old labourer of Lot 31 Section ‘B’ Hype Park, East Bank Essequibo which occurred on 2022-12-11 at about 08:30 hrs.

Enquiries disclosed that the deceased is employed with Achie’s and Son Stone and Supplies located at Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

On Saturday 10th December, 2022 at about 11:00 hrs, Parke along with his employer and other co-workers left their work location to visit another work location located at Manaka, Essequibo River where they spend the night.

The following morning (Sunday 11th December, 2022) at about 08:30 hrs, the above mentioned persons boarded a speed boat at Manaka en route to Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

However, before moving off, Parke went back on the Barge to collect his bag and did not return.

As a result, a search party went into action in the river and Parke’s body was fished out of the river in the vicinity of the Barge. The body, which was motionless, was transported to Parika by his coworkers, and was examined by a Police Rank for marks of violence and none was seen.

Parke’s body was escorted to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where the body was pronounced dead on arrival by Doctor Tiwari.

The body was further escorted to the Ezekiel Funeral Home awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.


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