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Police investigating death of 37-year-old Miner

The Police have launched an investigation into the death of 37-year-old Royan Casey, a miner, which occurred on Wednesday at Ekereku River, one of the tributaries of the Cuyuni River in Region Seven. 

HGP Nightly News understands that Casey was employed with Simeon Seaforth as a Pitman at Oban Backdam and would experience bouts of seizures regularly since he had epilepsy. 

However, at about 05:00h on Wednesday, Casey went to the General Manager Dexter John’s camp and asked for a flight to take him to Georgetown since he was feeling unwell. 

At about 06:00h, John left with Casey via boat towards the Correira airstrip. While on their way and about 15 minutes from the airstrip, Casey began gasping for breath and told John he could not breathe. 

He suddenly leaned forward and became motionless. He was observed to be drooling from his mouth.

The body was taken to the airstrip, and a report was made to the Ekereku Police Station at about 08:30 h. The Police examined the body at the airstrip for marks of violence, but none was seen. 

Casey’s body was taken to Georgetown via aircraft and to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).



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