Police looking for Linden man who shot at his neighbour.


Police are investigating the circumstances that led to a Wismar, Linden resident discharging a loaded firearm into his neighbour’s yard on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred at  around 22:45 hours at Silvertown Wismar Linden.

Police say that  a 50 year old male discharged a loaded firearm at 47 year old Godfrey Jones called Makelky with the intent to maim or cause grievous harm.

 Inquiries revealed that Esther Browne and Jones are neighbours who have an ongoing issue.

Browne told police that she and her husband  (the suspect) were at home on Tuesday afternoon  when the victim threw objects into her yard.
 She then told her husband to go and make a report at the station.

Subsequently, the  suspect went armed with what appeared to be a silver handgun and pointed the same in the direction of Jones  who was standing in his yard. The man then discharged  several rounds causing  . Jones to run for cover in a nearby yard.

It was reported that the suspect made good his escape, uninjured.

Police visited the scene with jones where he pointed out the area the suspect shot from. Three 9mm spent shells were discovered. Checks were made by the police  for the  suspect but these proved futile.

The Investigation continues


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